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About More of This, Less of That

Hi! Welcome to MOTLOT. I am happy you are here on this journey to health and wellness.

I’m Mary-Beth. I earned my practitioner certificate from the Nutrition Therapy Association. I started MOTLOT to share my philosophy with people interested in achieving their full health and wellness potential. I found that many of us are obsessed with dieting, and losing weight, and trying to Just. Be. Thinner. And I realized that this level of focus on how our jeans fit ignored a whole lot of other aspects of good health and wellness. I also found that the conversations were not around what food is most nutritious for health but rather what food is forbidden because of the possibility of weight gain. And it became quite apparent that focusing on weight didn’t lead to happy or healthy living.

More of This, Less of That describes my philosophy of educated choices not deprivation; small steps not drastic measures for lasting results; more of what makes you feel healthy, and less of what doesn’t.

Healthy-er has become the MOTLOT ethos: you are each at your own place in your journey toward wellness. And MOTLOT, with recipes, ideas, thoughts, and expert resources, supports your individual path to take “healthy” up a notch…to get to a healthy-er place.

I believe in the power of real food to nourish our bodies; I believe that knowledge about nutrition enables healthy choices;  I believe in the holistic approach to health achieves balance and joy: nutrition, movement, self-care and connections;  I believe in the power of learning from each other to identify what we need “more of” to achieve our own healthy-er goals.

Welcome! I hope that you find information that inspires you to Eat Well Live Well and Be Well. I look forward to hearing about your journey to health and wellness.

Mary-Beth Infante, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)
Founder, MOTLOT

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