Strategies for Healthy-er Living

Let’s face it: healthy-er eating isn’t always easy-er eating, is it? Easy-er eating is having whatever you can get into your mouth the fastest when life is moving at the speed of light. And 9 out of 10 times, it isn’t going to be a bowl of kale that you grab first. So planning and prepping meals are essential if you are going to be able to stay on your healthy-er track. One of your fellow MOTLOT-ers has this to say about prepping: “It makes it a lot easier to eat what you intend to eat”.

You have the best intentions to eat well. But…lack of time is the ultimate enemy of eating and living well. Rushed = bad choices. We may not be able to slow life down, but we can win the daily wellness challenge through some simple planning and preparing.

3 Steps for Successful Planning and Prepping

  1. Plan your week by checking the calendar for nights that are especially busy
  2. Select recipes with common ingredients
  3. Plan for leftovers to be used for lunches, salad toppings, and leftover night.




 MOTLOT Meal Planning Service! 

Because so many of you have asked me to “just tell me what to eat”, offering the MOTLOT Meal Planning service seemed like the right thing to do! Each of you has your own nutritional needs, based on your age, environment, health, lifestyle, stress, activity level…you get the idea. This is bio-individuality!

I will create a delicious meal plan customized to your unique nutritional and lifestyle needs to support your healthy-er journey. It will include professionally tested, easy to follow, full color recipes, with a shopping list and nutrition information.  Let’s replace confusion about what to eat with the convenience of daily recipes for foods to eat More of, and foods to eat Less of.

Email me to get started.

Proactive Snacking

Being proactive about your snacking decisions keeps you in charge of your healthy-er journey. This is a classic MOTLOT strategy for snack control; a successful way to eat Less of That. Use a small, colorful bowl to measure out the snack (chips, candy etc) instead of eating directly out of the bag or box. Using colorful pretty bowls will make snacking fun while avoiding the feeling of deprivation.

You are doing more than controlling the portion of your treat; you are owning your healthy-er journey.

Vegetables for Breakfast

Add a vegetable or 2! at breakfast
You have three chances each day to increase your vegetable intake; don’t miss the first opportunity. Make sure your breakfast includes a vegetable and your momentum toward a healthy-er day will be unstoppable. Here are some recipes to inspire tomorrow’s breakfast!

Signature Sandwich
Roasted broccoli frittata
Open faced roasted vegetable omelet
Asparagus and eggs
Vegetable hash with eggs

Vegetable Centric Meals

Turn your meals upside down! Build your meal by choosing your vegetable (or vegetables!) first. Let the vegetable(s) take up half the plate and then fill the remaining space with the protein and the whole grain. Vegetables are likely to be the most nutrient dense food each meal, so focusing on them ensures you are maximizing your healthy-ness each meal. This strategy guarantees you are eating More of This- vegetables- at each meal.

Some recipes to get you started with the vegetable centric approach

Broccoli with chicken stir fry
Sauteed baby kale with baked salmon
Red, yellow, and orange pepper quesadillas with chicken

Plan and Prep